Charlie at the officeActivism

As Welcome to the Revolution readers will discover, Charlie Derber has been agitating and organizing from his very earliest years. Active in the Civil Rights movement, more recently Charlie has concentrated his efforts on challenging energy pipelines...

Scholarly Interests

Professor Derber is a public sociologist whose research and teaching focus on political economy, political sociology, environmental sociology, and social change. Recent topics of his books and courses include the economic crisis, globalization, corporations and society, climate change, the sociology of war and peace, and social movements. He believes that scholarship should be accessible to a broad public audience and empower citizens seeking social justice.

Academic Interests

Professor Derber’s current work focuses on the crises of capitalism, globalization, corporate power, American militarism, the culture of hegemony, the climate crisis, and the new peace and global justice movements. The world is becoming as dominated by business values and power today as America was by the Robber Barons a century ago. Derber is persuaded that the overwhelming economic and cultural power of global corporations, increasingly melded with the political and military hegemonic power of the American government and the crises of global capitalism and global climate change, are together an integrated crisis that is now the pre-eminent social issue of the 21st century, and that we need a new vision and political movement that can offer an alternative. Professor Derber’s research is oriented toward 1) the systemic analysis of the intertwined crises we face and 2) analysis of the transformative potential of social movements arising to create a more democratic and egalitarian order.