Shannon: A Budget for the 99%

Contrasting Paul Ryan's and the Republican's budget with that of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, Paul Shannon finds that the latter, aka, The People's Budget, "provides the funding necessary to do the things that the country needs to get done..."

Universalizing Resistance: How to Trump Trump

"Who is the best teacher about how to resist Trump and challenge the failures of global capitalism?" asks Charles Derber in a recent article. Curiously, in a distillation of Welcome to the Revolution's key arguments, Derber argues that it Trump himself! His movement for the “forgotten” people reflected a primal truth: that the US is a militarized capitalism stacked in favor of global US-led corporations.

For the Many, Not the Few! Behind Labour's Resurgence in the UK

Last month, Jeremy Corbyn defied the British political establishment and media predictions by radically rebuilding the Labor Party's support in a general election. Against the odds, Labor and the Momentum campaigning organization denied British Prime Minister, Theresa May a majority in parliament. Like Bernie Sanders and France's Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Corbyn ran on an unapologetic progressive agenda, challenging extreme inequality and defending cherished services and rights won by the labor movement.

After Philando, after the acquital?