Welcome to the Revolution: Universalizing Resistance for Social Justice and Democracy in Perilous Times
1st Edition 
by Charles Derber 

List of Interludes

A Personal Prelude

Introduction: A Call to Action

PART I The Universalizing System: Militarized Corporate Capitalism and the Apocalypse

1 The System and Its Discontents: The Militarized Matrix versus Us

2 The PAC-MAN System: Universalizing and Extinction

PART II Universalizing Resistance: The New Rules and Strategy of Social Change

3 Irresistible Resistance: The Big Waves of Social Change

4 Movement GPS: Ten Rules of the Road to Justice and Democracy

5 Fight the Power, A.K.A. the System: Choose Democracy Over Authoritarianism

6 Win the Majority: It's Easier than You Think

7 Converge! Get Out of Your Silo

8 Democratize the World: Globalize and Localize

9 Pachamama: Protect Mother Earth

10 Don't Just Say No: Say Yes to Alternatives

11 Create Media of, by, and for the People: Moving Beyond Propaganda

12 Let's Get Political: Movements and Elections

13 Think, Learn, and Teach: Education as Activism

14 Choose Life and Love: The Culture of Activism

PART III From Vision to Practice 15 Grand Strategy: Answering the Big Questions

16 Walking the Talk: Nuts and Bolts



ISBN-13: 978-1138648203
ISBN-10: 1138648205